Mountain goat at North Cascades National Park

Mountain goat at North Cascades National Park

Our Mission

To promote the conservation of rare carnivores and their ecosystems in the Cascade Range through science, citizen engagement, and collaboration.

©Anthony Carado

©Anthony Carado



Wolverine kits that we documented on the William O Douglas Wilderness. The Seattle Times

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Our Work

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We conduct scientific research and promote the conservation of species of concern with an emphasis on the wolverine and the Cascade red fox. Our goal is to improve our understanding of the threats to rare carnivores including understanding the effects of climate change on mountain ecosystems. Our long-term field studies are focused on filling data gaps on the current status of carnivores that lack basic ecological information. We are committed to collaborative efforts that involve many partners including wildlife biologists and managers, land managers, Tribes, STEM students, citizen scientists, and other non-governmental organizations. 

We employ noninvasive field techniques to study carnivore populations. Specifically, we systematically deploy remote camera detection stations; track carnivores through the snow; and collect DNA from carnivore scat, urine, and hair samples.

Our Goals

  1. Raise awareness of the conservation needs of rare and elusive carnivores.

  2. Engage citizens in carnivore conservation.

  3. Inform management actions and conservation strategies for the wolverine and the Cascade red fox.

Our Projects

  • South Cascades Wolverine Project.

  • Cascade Red Fox Connectivity across Interstate 90.

  • Effects of Montane Carnivores on Marmot Declines in North Cascades National Park.

  • Detecting 4 Montane Carnivores in the North Cascades Ecosystem: Wolverine, Cascade red fox, Canada lynx, and Pacific marten.

Thank you to our partners and funders!