Jocelyn Akins, Ph.D.

Conservation Director


Jocelyn is a wildlife biologist with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada; and a PhD in Conservation Genetics from the University of California at Davis, USA. She has 18 years of experience on wildlife studies including ecological assessments of wolverines in Yellowstone National Park, grizzly bears and black bears in Wyoming and Canada, jaguars and ocelots in Belize, and Mediterranean Groupers in France. She is passionate about conserving montane ecosystems.


Kayla Dreher

field crew lead


Kayla leads our Washington carnivore field surveys. She completed a BA at the University of Iowa and is currently pursing a graduate certificate in Wildlife Management at the Oregon State University. Previously, she studied golden eagles and other raptors, and spent 4 years as a Wilderness Ranger for the US Forest Service. Her favorite aspect of her current role is glimpsing the lives of rare carnivores by following their tracks through the snow.


Todd West

Sierra Nevada red fox program coordinator


Todd leads our Sierra Nevada red fox program in Oregon. His research interests are in the interaction between carnivores, primarily fox and American marten, and change in forest structure resulting from both management activities and climate change.  He is currently studying this topic at Oregon State University. Prior work includes large scale simulation with big data at Microsoft.



Sarah Fox



Sarah is a creator of audio and video stories. She shares science stories with non-scientists like herself, which is how she teamed up with the Cascades Carnivore Project. She has produced stories on subjects as far ranging as the Japanese internment camps, mountain search and rescue, tribal river restoration, and tea farmers in Hawaii. Look for Sarah following a scientist into the wilderness (camera and questions in tow), writing and editing in her office in Hood River, or doing what she loves best – helping others share their stories. You can reach Sarah at